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What furniture to equip a beauty salon

A well-thought-out interior of a beauty salon is a visiting card of the establishment and a guarantee of stable income for the owner. Getting into the salon for the first time, the client does not yet know about the services offered, the experience of the craftsmen and the equipment. He evaluates the premises “by the cover”, deciding whether he is comfortable here or not. The correct organization of the internal space plays an important role in this matter. The owner needs to be able to properly equip and zone the premises so that it is comfortable for visitors and convenient for craftsmen. In addition, you need to know the requirements for furniture for beauty salons (

What furniture is needed in a beauty salon
Furniture is selected based on the specifics of the institution: a manicure studio, a hairdressing salon ( or a cosmetology center. However, all interior items can be roughly divided into three target categories:

  1. For employees: lockers for changing and storing personal belongings, tables, chairs, equipment, reception desk.
  2. For clients. For the comfort of visitors, you will need soft sofas in the waiting area, hangers, coffee tables.
  3. For decoration. This applies to small pedestals, shelves and racks that complement the overall interior of the beauty salon.

Furniture and overall design can make a beauty salon recognizable and competitive. First of all, this concerns the reception area. There should be a lot of free space here so that clients do not feel cramped. The reception desk should fit in with the overall style of the premises and design. In this case, the height of the reception desk should not exceed 1.5 meters. It is convenient for the administrator and clients. Ideally, such furniture ( should be equipped with shelves and drawers for storing the necessary documentation.

The following elements will also help create your brand:
• Own logo and advertising slogan on the counter;
• Individual color palette that is preserved in all rooms;
• Uniform style of uniforms for employees;
• Branded textiles: bathrobes, towels, etc.
Selection of furniture by zones
Beauty salons are usually multidisciplinary, therefore they offer their clients a full range of cosmetic services. Moreover, each office will need its own furniture.

Manicure and pedicure areas
To furnish manicure studios, you need:
• Client’s chair: it is necessary to have a gas lift and an adjustable backrest so that a person can take the most comfortable body position for himself;
• Master’s chair – preferably with a variable backrest configuration so that the employee does not experience discomfort and back pain.
• Table – a workplace for a manicure;
• Footrest;
• Rack, display cases or shelves for storing tools.
Cosmetology office
For the competent organization of this zone, you will need the following pieces of furniture:
• Couch;
• Clothes hanger;
• Master’s table;
• Trolley curbstone: 2-3 pieces are possible;
• Storage cabinet for drugs;
• Rack with samples of cosmetics.

Hairdressing salon
The hairdressing salon installs:
• Armchairs for clients;
• Tables with mirrors on which hairdressing supplies are located;
• Rack for storing shampoos and hair dyes (laboratory cabinets);
• Wardrobe for towels and sheets.

In the solarium, there is a need for a changing area for the client: a hanger, a locker for personal belongings, a banquet. You can put a small sofa on which the visitor can rest for a few minutes after the procedure.

Massage room
In addition to the massage table, such rooms should include:
• Portable screen;
• Desktop;
• Locker for bathrobes and towels;
• Mobile tables with massage oils, napkins and other items necessary for work.
In addition, massage rooms are often fitted with decorative furnishings to emphasize the relaxing atmosphere.

Requirements for furniture for beauty salons
• Functionality;
• Safety, including fire safety and sanitary and hygienic;
• Ergonomics;
• Wear resistance;
• Aesthetic properties: general style and design.